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Replace Back Up Light " Reverse Light "


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Does any one know how to replace the reverse light without taking to the lexus dealer.:whistles::whistles:

The inside panel of the rear door has to be removed. I watched the technician do it, but do not recommend it as do-it-yourself item. It only takes a few minutes, but there are snaps and screws to be taken off. Besides you will have to buy the bulbs from Lexus anyway since they are of some special configuration, I have been told.

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Does any one know how to replace the reverse light without taking to the lexus dealer.:whistles::whistles:

You have to take the rear door panel off. First you have to lift your handle and remove the two prongs that hold the handle. (No Screws) Once that is removed, slip a screwdriver to release the tension. (It is like an expandable prong) The only screw is located under the cover for the top strap of the Lexus first aid kit is. Once that is removed, carefully find a place to pull the panel and you should start hearing snap after snap as you pull it away from the door. Tricky part is near the rear window. It snaps towards the window wiper. Once you get started it will all make sense. The reverse bulb will be visible once all this is done. Good luck

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My first post here.

Thanks for the post OGY. I decided to replace the Backup light on my GX470 myself. Your directions were great.

I was worried about breaking some plastic because it was cold in my garage when I tried it. Everything went well.

Thanks again!!

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Thanks for the "How To" here!

I just did it this morning, and instructions were a great help.  I was surprised how much dust was behind the door panel though, and inside the door panel.  Later I'll look and see where it might be coming from...other than age *LOL*

my notes (I have a 2004 GX-470):

Where you reference the different direction to unsnap the panel(s) I only saw the need to move "toward the rear wiper" on the top (and if you push it, the side...) panels above and on the side(s) of the window.  The whole lower panel came off with the one screw you mentioned (although I had no idea a first-aid kit went there, mine was/is missing), removing the pull handle as you described, and prying the other clips straight forward, away from the door frame.

I replaced the whole reverse-light module, mine was cracked, so same process, but in addition, there were only two bolts to remove, and the bulb and housing.

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