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Help With Inner Tie Rods


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Hi: Can anybody tell me if you need a special wrench or adapter to replace the inner tie rod ends? It seems to vary among different car types - some can be done with regular wrenches, but others require something special. Any other precautions when removing the old one? Thanks!

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Not really what I'm looking for - there is nothing there about replacing the inner tie rod sockets. Screw it , I just ordered the tool for it off Ebay - about $65. I 'll probably need it again soon or later anyway.

I did use those tutorials to do my upper control arm bushings though. Very helpful! Installed the Daizens along with the sway bar bushings. What a nice improvement! One problem I ran into though was the new sleeves for the upper bushings did not fit the bolts . I had to bore them out, Gonna have to talk to them about that. I also drilled and tapped the control arms and sway bar mounts for grease zerks because sooner or later polyurethane bushings will start to squeak.

Thanks for the reply though!

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