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Rust And Fuel Filter


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I have a 1992 SC400 with a fair amount of rust near the fuel filter, fittings, on the fuel lines, and the exhaust manifold. It had been driven by a college boy on winter, salty roads. I bet he never washed the undercarriage (it is kind of hard to wash it unless you have on a rack or jack the Lexus up a bit). I’m going to apply navel jelly to the fuel fittings, etc. and attempt to replace the fuel filter. I know the fittings are easy to strip!!! I definitely do not want to get any rust or metal in the fuel line {bad for the injectors, etc.} I am really tempted to put a larger TOYOTA type fuel filter on as a replacement.. But I’m leery about getting away from OEM parts. Since this a pressurized line, are there any preliminary precaustious. Any suggestions?

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