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95 Ls400 Has Three Issues All At Once


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Hi All,

I have a ls400 with 141972 miles on it and come to have three problems that all just started this last week.

1). The sunroof on the right side over the passenger has started squeaking when I drive. I have tried tightening bolts, cleaning weatherstripping, spaying some wd40 around, and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

2). I started to notice that every morning there is one or two drops of oil on the garage floor. I have looked under the car to see if I can see where it might be coming from, but haven't been able to pinpoint it. Any suggestions on where this might be coming from?

3). On Saturday we started the car and were leaving the parking lot when I noticed what sounded like a whining sound coming from the engine compartment. We lived about three miles away so I drove it home and popped the hood. It had deminished slightly by the time we got home. When I popped the hood I thought it was coming from near the front of the car where all the belts are and thought maybe a belt was loose. I had to take a phone call, but when I came back up and started the car again it was gone. It hasn't happened since and we have driven on and off about 50 miles or so without a noise. Any suggestions on what it might have been, or what I should check out?

I have thought about taking the car to the dealership to have them just diagnose everything for me since I am not machanically inclined. If something is a simple fix though, I can pretty much figure it out and do the job myself.

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Yes, they do have a tendancy to come in threes, although in your case I suspect you are only up to number 2. Can you confirm that the drops you found are oil, could they be power steering fluid? How is the power steering fluid level, colour, smell?

If you have the classic LS400 "leaking o-ring under the reserviour" caper then you may have a cheap fix, its not a major. Anything else and you are going to have get someone who you trust to crawl underneath and see whats leaking.

It is important that you deal with any power steering leaks fast as they have a nasty tendency to kill the alternator that lives below them. Not the sort of neighbour you want.

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