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I have an 03 LS430 ultra 54,000 mi. got it 3/07 40,270 mi

ever since I had car, it never went straight, if you take your eyes off the road for a second- it goes to another lane. ( even after the alignments )

I feel every cut, hole, bump in the road ( 225/55/17 goodyear assurance tires - i know... )

also, I hear the wind noise as soon as i hit 45mph. ( org windshield )

serious hesitation all the time ( drive by wire issue ) I even disconected batt.

what do you all think it may be?

I just had another alignment, roadforce balance rotation, radiator flush ( they state on receipt drain/fill ) tranny flush, p/s flush. $675

Under warranty: I had the sub replaced, rear shade readjusted, mirrors and control switch replaced, fuel tank fill line replaced.

I had an ind mech check the car out and he says all is well.

I just got a set of plugs SK20R11 denso amazon 9.35/ea

I want to change them @ 60k and do the timing belt/water pump @ 75k.

what cleans dirty hand dirt from the leather?


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