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Steering Question


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Hello again,

I figured I'd post this one while I remember it. My steering wheel is slightly off center when driving straight. I have read about a shifted R+P housing as the origin of this problem. Is there a quick fix? Perhaps a tutorial on a readjustment? The steering feels great, No vibrations and the speed sensitivity seems right on. It's just the wheel is a bit out and it is bothering me :(

Is this something that I can/should solve when I install my new steering wheel? Is this issue in anyway associated with an alignment? I would think not...

Thanks again, Pete

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When you let go of the wheel when you're going straight does it pull to one side? If so it's an alignment issue.

But if the car drives straight and the steering wheel is crooked I'd think someone may have removed it..

Unless there's a reason the wheel would just go crooked without an alignment problem... :huh:

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The car pulls slightly to the left when I let it go. All other aspects feel normal. Its such a small pull I didn't give it much thought. I have read that with this generation LS the rack and pinion housing may shift slightly causing this effect. I figured there would be other symptoms associated with such a contingency, not just an out of center wheel. I guess I'll have to look into it more.

Thanks, peter

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