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Ls 430 "sport Suspension" Emblem?


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Hi all,

New Lexus owner, new member, first post ... I just bought a 2001 LS 430, Blue Onyx Pearl and it has the Sport Suspension & 17" wheel option. Just put new Cooper CS4 Touring V-rated 225/55/17V tires on it and so far, so good. Really good.

Wanting to make it look closer to new, I'd like to get replacement "Sport Suspension" emblems for the front quarter panels since one is missing on my car. I've found them here (with a picture): http://www.autopartsonline.jp/pg/en/detail/le01c-n00012.html ://http://www.autopartsonline.jp/pg/en...1c-n00012.html but they don't ship to the US.

Short of seeing if a local dealer will bother to order these, can anyone here direct me to a place to get them? I've had no luck scouring the Internet, including eBay, Sewell Lexus and Lextasy.

Looks like it might also need a headlight leveling sensor (not sure which one yet), any recommendation for where to get one at less than full retail?

Many thanks! I'll be happy to return the favor and help others with info when I can, but I'm a Lexus newbie.


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Yeah I think it's L-Tuned parts......

It seems like any dealership should be able to find it..

Go pull them off another lexus! ;) hahaha

Yes, it might be simpler to do that! I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and ask a local Lexus dealer. Bummer ... from what I can tell so far they overprice parts even more than other brands.


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Ta-da! Problem solved. I emailed the link with photo to the folks at Sewell Lexus, www.lexus-parts.com, and they hit back in a few hours stating they had the emblems in stock even though I couldn't find them using their site search. Just got 'em and hope to put them on this weekend.

Any suggestions for surface prep to get adhesive emblems to stick properly to the body?

Thanks to all!


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