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Sound Quality: 05es330 With Stock Or With Ml/nav

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I just bought a 2005 ES330 without Nav/ML, but I have a 30 day exchange policy at my dealership where I can go back and get a 100% trade in against another car if I want..... so now I am second guessing my descision to NOT get Nav/ML....

I dont have any desire in the Nav, but would consider getting it if only for the ML. Actually, in other ways, the Nav is a negative, as then you have to have the 6-disc changer in center console and so you lose the console. BUT, if the sound will be better with the Nav/ML, i will consider it.

I see that with the 2005 ES330, there seem to be 7 speakers, whether you get factory sound or the Nav/ML. Are the speakers the same factory speakers either way, or do you get upgraded speakers with the NAV/ML option? that might make a big difference in my opinion.

I know that with the 2008 ES350, the stock system gives you 7 speakers, but the ML system gives you 14 speakers, so the ML gives you speaker advantage too.

SO, in summary, how much difference would there be in sound quality between these 3 options:

1) 2005 ES330 with stock factory system with 7 speakers

2) 2005 ES330 with the Nav/ML system with 7 speakers

3) 2005 ES 330 without Nav/ML but upgrade the 7 speakers to dynaudio or others....

I have a feeling many would say #3 is the best. is it worth the additional cost for this mod?

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