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Oil In Air Filter


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hi guys,

My es 300 93 model is smoking so badly.The smoke is blue in color,and my dash board is showing me low oil warning lignt.A friend advise i remove the black rubber pipe that goes from the front cynlinder to the air filter and drive the car like that.After doing this,the smoke stop and when i add more oil,my low oil warning light comes off.

Upond examining my air filter i found oil in my air cleaner and the filter pipes.I guess the filter is sucking oil from the pipe that goes into the cylinder into the air filter pipes.

So i ask you guys,What is the cause of this ?

Ever since i remove the pipe from the cynlinder to the air flowmeter,the engine has not been smoking again,what is the cause of the oil getting into the air flowmeter,is it a worn out valve seal?,worn outgaskets? or worn out ring?

Any body experience this problems before?

Any response will be highly appreciated



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Yep. New PCV valve. You might be gettting more oil blow by also. That's when the rings on the pistons start to wear and air coming into the cylinder gets past the piston and creates pressure in the crankcase, which is why they have a crankcase breather tube. But as the car gets older, you start to get more of that happening and if so, it can sometimes bring oil with it.

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