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Coolant Temperature


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I own a 96 LS400 with 137k. I bought it in Reno in Dec 07. It runs fine but the coolant temp never rises above 1/3 of the gauge no matter outside temp, speed, load, etc. It takes a whiiile for warm air to start blowing (about 3x as long as in my wifes's Subie), and then it's not exactly blistering. Outside temps here in upper Nevada are generally from 0 to 40. Any other cold country owners notice this?

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LS temp guages tolerate a large range of temperatures before they move. Unless the coolant temp is outside that tolerance, they generally don't move significantly. If you're not getting much heat after the engine is warmed up and your gauge indicates in the bottom 1/3, I would check the coolant level and/or the thermostat.

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