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How To Fix Timing Sc400


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i need to fix the timing on the sc400 is there a shortcut to fixing the timing or do i have to do the usual way of taking everything off and adjusting all cams and crankshaft manually.... any info would be helpful p.s. i think i jumped the timing......

Very simple...put the DOT on the crankshaft at the 6 PM position...put the timing belt right cam line on the line on the metal bracket behind the timing belt..may be a little hard to see it because it is black but it's there...then do the same on the left cam. There is also a timing mark on the sprocket wheels that will line up with the right and left lines on your belt.

When your set..right side should be pointing at 1 PM....left should be pointing at 11 AM and the crank should be pointing right on or just a little off the 6 PM position...put everything back together, should start right up. One thing you will have to take the timing belt tentioner off and reset it, before putting it back on...then release the tension..after you have everything in position. Good Luck hope this helped...

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I too have a similar issue for the SC400, I have recently had a radiator problemand decided to check into the timing.

The SC400 Service manual I have gives a good picture and procedure for the Inline 6 but fails to detail a V8.

I do not see a dot on the crankshaft. Where would this be in relation to the white Timing Mark? I have looked closely. I see two things happening on the Camshaft sprockets, a line mark on the outside and a protruding tab from the sprocket. IF there is a dot on this can you define its size?

Also, with each turn of the crankshaft I seem to have a different configuration, I may be able to do this indefinitely. Should this fall in the same position every xxx turns?

I would like to just pull the belt and start competely over but without a good guide for setting it this might be a long process.

When I posted something on this subject a number of years back I think I was at 14BTDC with my timing and it has always ran so-so .

Anything you can further add would be appreciated.

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I think I answered my own questions and I am set correctly.

Timing Marks line up every two turns (2x360deg).

Timing Fixed Marks are present as an embossing on the metal brackets behind the timing belt sprocket.

Timing Rotating Marks are present as slits on the visible OD of the camshaft sprocket. (about the size of a small flathead screwdriver ~1/16" deep)

Crankshaft white mark aligned on the 0 when #1 cylinder is at TDC and compression stroke.

Picture attached shows location of fixed timing mark. Middle of screen, white dot of paint.

Mitchel Service manual shows it in more detail correctly.

Good luck to the guy who needs to reset.


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