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How To Reset Ecu?

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I have a 2001 GS430 with 85,000 miles I just recently did a tune up on.

I completed an all synthetic fluids change (oil, trans, dif, break fluid, coolant), replaced: ngk iridiums IX's, optima battery, alternator, timing belt, cam seals, etc) also: cleaned the fuel tank and filter, intake manifold and throttle body. I would now like to reset the ECU to adapt to the new settings.

PROBLEM: It is currently wanting to run very rich with the clean system. Almost seems to be stuck in choke (temperatures 20-50 degrees here).

After reseting the ECU, any procedure to program the computer or will it learn on its own?

Help would be much appreciated with gas prices being the way they are. It's drinking a good bit of gas. Thanks again

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