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How Does This Esitmate Sound?


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Went to a local shop for exhaust work. Numerous leaks and rust being an old car in Chicago (1992 ES300).

I got quoted for $1200 (whole exhaust) and $900 (exhaust with a straight pipe in place of a cat).

I thought these were basically Toyota Camry replacements = cheap.

Will a pro muffler place (ie. Meineke) be better in this case?


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I just bought a 2002 ES300 knowing that I bought a "LEXUS". Yes I did enjoy my fellow coworkers drooling over my car but the reason for the response was LEXUS=expensive! I knew that when I bought the car. I am,however, fairly cheap myself. I like to get my moneys worth and hate to be ripped off. My suggest is that you get a list of the replacement parts and go to your local parts house and see how much for just the parts then get a couple of quotes from the muffler shops. At least then you will know if you are getting a good deal. I did this with the brakes for my Jeep. I can do them myself. The local shop only cost me about $100.00 dollars more and they gave me a warranty for 3 years or 36,000. 100 bucks was cheap insurance plus I didn't have to do the work. Hope this helps.


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At some point, in your case I would keep in mind it's a 92. So it's not like you have to preserve the warrentee or anything. I would go to a regular muffler shop and just have them do an exhaust replacement. So, if your y pipe istill good, and exhuast manifold is still good, then the down pipe with cat, and a muffler should be well under 700 bucks. You can probably even get under that if you not to picky and just want the car to be quiet and run well again. And also being a 92, that is pre ODBII, then you probably don't have the the sensor after the cat anyway, so I would drop the cat and save a few more bucks too.

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