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O2 Sensor Replacement


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Hi all,

This may sound stupid, but I have a question about the Bank 1 sensors. My understanding is there are two of them. My car finally settled on the trouble code P1130, which when I looked it up was listed as the Bank 1, sensor 1. So I bought a new Denso sensor to put in. The exceptionally brilliant son of my mechanic replaced the Bank 1, sensor 2 with this one, instead of the one near the firewall (which I understand is sensor #1 and I specifically said to replace). So trouble code is still present. I'm going on about 2 weeks of this game of dropping it off and him "finding" the time to fix his mistake and today my stickers are expired. So last night he supposedly switched out the sensor, putting the old (maybe working) sensor back on the grill side and putting the new one on near the firewall.

Now I'm coming up with P1130, P1133, P1135, all of which list the Bank 1 sensor, but the others don't seem to specify if it's sensor 1 or 2 (I'm assuming it doesn't know because the readings are dependent on one another). Dad mechanic has announced this morning that I need to replace the one by the grill "because it looks the same as the other one". I have 2 suspicions: first, he only put the old sensor back on (because it's easiest to get to) and still has my brand new sensor sitting in a box and this is his stall (I always get old parts back from him, but not this morning). Tonight he'll magically fix the problem. Second, he did actually replace the firewall sensor and these new persistent codes are caused by the sensor #2, which he damaged pulling out and replacing.

Yes I know I would be replacing #2 soon, I just wanted to get through inspection without spending a fortune and maybe use that to find a new mechanic.

So here are my questions:

Provided sensor #2 was still working, could he have broken it by the effort of removing it and tossing it around (thinking it was a broken sensor) and then cranking it back in? (He seems to be ever so anxious to find me a replacement part)

When dealing with bank 1, should one replace both at the same time regardless?

Are they different sensors and does anyone know the part # for both. I have the part # for the one by the grill (because I saw it - toyota 89467-48011), but I wasn't given the old firewall sensor back. When I call for a replacement part, I'm asked which one because they make it sound like they are two different sensors, but when looking them up, I only find the one from Denso.

Should I go over tonight with a bat and make an example out of someone?

Does anyone know a good mechanic in the Philadelphia region, not in the city and not in Jersey?

Thanks everyone!

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Due to lack of accessibilty, it is entirely possible, if not likely, that the bank 1 (firewall side) sensor wiring could get damaged during removal. One man trying to get this done in a big hurry is not a good combination.

It is impossible to disconnect the sensor from the harness connector with one-hand, and it is impossible for one person to get their hands on both halves of the connector at the same time, unless their forearms are 2 inches in diameter and 3 feet long. Or unless you remove the intake manifold first...

Seems like it was designed to take two people, one above and one under the vehicle, just to release the catch to undo the connector--very frustrating for one person to attempt, and its possible to damage a wire by pulling or forcing. And the sensor wire length is only exactly long enough to reach the harness connector and not a 1/4" inch over.

During installation i cut the tab off the new sensor connector so it now can be d/c with one hand. The cush fit of the four pins and the weatherseal in the connector housing is really tight and i'm sure it will hold until the sensor wears out.

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