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okay i bought a steal of a car today. It is a 1992 SC400 the owner had claimed that the FUEL PUMP RELAY went out. well i am a mechanic and did my research.... found no Fuel pump relay in the Haynes manual, only an EFI Relay...so i ran all my tests and was getting no power to the fuel pump with key on.... so i hotwired the pump to a wire that was only hot when the car was on. now it runs! it sounds a little funny, but nothing serious as far as i can tell. i dont really have a comparison as i dont know what the V8 engines usually sound like..... well took it for a drive, and get a horrible vibration and shaking from the front left wheel.... figured it may be a bad ball joint or bad struts... not really sure yet... the PO put wheel locks on the car and i gotta figure out a way to get them removed..... but back to the situation at hand.... anyone know what would cause the fuel pump to not get power? there are a few other minor issues... the Air Bag light stays on at all times, the O/D off light flashes when the vehicle gets above 20 mph, the tach and speedo do not work at all.... the needles on the gauge cluster dont light up... dont know if the POWER/ECT switch works... noticed no difference in the performance when the button is pressed. also, when driving, if u floor it, the car does not automatically down shift to increase power, it stays in the same gear that it was in... cant get it to down shift.... feels like its always in third or fourth... unless of course i switch it manually with the shift lever... then there is plenty of power.... if there is anyone on OAHU who knows a lot about these cars, and would be willing to give me their expert opinion, i can bring the car to you and pay you for your time and advice. Oh DID I MENTION WHAT I PAID FOR THE CAR? 300dollars.... YES THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! think i got my money's worth?Oh yeah a few other things, One: the radio doesnt work... when the fuse is plugged in, it pops it almost instantly.... so i never got it to turn on... two, the HVAC controls are funny... the little screen that shows whats going on seems to be destroyed... it only shows like half of the top half of the screen, so i dont know whats going on with that... short of replacing the whole unit, i dont know how to fix that... ANY IDEAS ON THE RADIO?? would really like to get that part working... nothing like driving down the road with NO SOUNDS!!! :censored:

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EPIX INC, Your going to need a lot of parts contact these 2 vendors below. It's going to cost more than $300.00 dollar to fix and parts are becoming more scarce, plus shipping cost is going to be a !Removed! since you live in Hawaii. Congrat! & Good Luck with the fix.

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I have a 1992 SC400 and will be in Oahu in about 10 days. I usually stay at Hickam AFB (I'm retired military). You can e mail me at delsecure@gmail.com . You didn't list mileage or if you have any records. My first guess is that your fuel filter hasn't been changed or if it was: they may have screwed up the fittings {they are very easy to strip) going to the fuel line. I'd google Y Tube {Lexus - sea foam} you get a good idea what some teenagers did when they put Sea Foam (through the PCV opening).. You'll hear what the engine sounds like. Remember this engine is mainly meant to sync with the transmission for ultra smooth shifting. I'll bet the transmission fluid is old. Valves maybe sticking. Make a decision. 1) Change the T. fluid and filter 2)or flush the whole T. system. 3) or syphon out 12 oz of old T. fluid and add LUBEGARD® ATF Protectant (its an additive T. mechanics use when they rebuild). Also google their website - you can get videos, etc. Remember they have not put whale oil (ESTERS) in Trans fluid since 1973. There are a heck of a lot people that don't realize that engines and transmissions run hotter with newer models (meaning cars made after 1975). Get the engine and Trans. purring before you worry about the sound. See http://www.autospeed.com/S_4/cms/section.html for some great articles.

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