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Noise During Cold Start From Belts And Pulleys

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When my engine is cold I get a noise :chairshot: that seems to be coming from my belts and pulleys from the front end. Once the engine is up to its running temp the noise goes away until the next morning. I have a 2000 GS400. Any Suggestions on what to look at or fix?

Thanks a bunch.

Suav :cheers:

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I have a 2000 GS400 and I also had a slight "chirping" sound that seemed to go away after the car ran for a little bit. I thought it was the bearing in the idler or tensioner pulleys....so I went to AutoZone and bought a Goodyear Gatorback Serpentine Belt. I went home and pulled off the old belt, spun the bearings after taking off the idler pulley and no noise or dragging...felt pretty good. Same with the other bearing...Upon closer inspection of the belt, I noticed that it was pretty worn and it looked like metallic was showing in the grooves. Anyways, I installed the new belt...no more noise. It was the belt! Good luck...35.00 repair.

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