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Rx330 Has No Vc


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The online technical specifications and the sales brochures, dealer supplied and online e-brochure, for the RX350 continue to state that the AWD system is based on the VC, Viscous Clutch, across the center diff'l. The Lexus shop/repair manuals at techinfo.toyota.com indicate the VC is NOT used in the later models, the RX330 & RX350.

The following was in my email archives....

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Response (Richard Hollingsworth) - 10/27/2004 09:41 AM

Dear Mr. West,

Thank you for contacting Lexus Customer Satisfaction regarding the 2005 RX 330. We appreciate your interest in this vehicle.

Per our technical department, the 2005 RX 330 does not have a viscous coupling LSD. The vehicle has adopted a full-time all-wheel drive system. We are sorry for the misinformation.

If you would like to discuss your concerns further, you can also reach the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department at 1-800-255-3987, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.


Richard Hollingsworth

Lexus Customer Satisfaction

Customer (Willard West) - 10/26/2004 04:59 PM

The current 2005 RX330 e-brochure indicates that the 2005 AWD RX330 has the viscous coupling again.

Is this actually true or is this a typo?

Willard West

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Yes, true. Mine has a front differential as well with no VC. So don't forget to change the gear oil in there ( 1-quart 85w90)

I hope you meant to say PTO, Power Take Off, or "transfer" case, as in all cases :rolleyes: the center & front diff'ls run in ATF supplied by the transaxle sump/pump.

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