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Transmission Ls460 Service?

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2008 LS 460 Maintenance Schedule says to "check" fluid at 100,000 miles. If it's ok, it's ok. There is no dip stick to check the ATF, because it is sealed air tight. Unless transmission service is needed and there are no air leaks, Lexus says it's 'lifetime' synthetic fluid. Air degrades the fluid.

see: http://www.lambros.net/tsib/2007LS/L-TC008-07.pdf

Sewell Lexus in Dallas, TX and Park Place Lexus in Plano, TX recommend drain and fill at 90k miles. At this time there is no method to flush the system and completely refill with fresh WS-ATF

Since there are no LS 460's with more than 30k miles in the USA, we'll have to wait and see if Lexus revises it's recommendations.

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Im thinking its lifetime and may even say on the tranny if you ever get the chance to look under there.

My BMW also had lifetime but hardly any BMW guys let it go that long. Most of them replace it @ 80k or so. I did mine at 100 and then again last week b/c I used the wrong filter >0. I will probably do it again at 150 or so.

My guess though is lifetime.

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Hello, I have an 08' LS460, a shop changed some engine mounts and did some other preventative fixing , but come to find out after only about 300 miles , the shop didn't get the engine to torque convertrl lined up correctly thus now the bad transmission.  I.payed for a used one ($1155, has 80k on it)

It hasn't shown up yet, been 3 weeks , so I'm going to have to take action and get another one, do you guys know if I can use any years tranny on the LS460 so from 07 to 2016? I know the 07 and 08 have rear wneeldrive , but not sure on other years 


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