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Fog Light Bulb Replacement

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Can anyone tell me how to replace the fog light bulbs on a 1994 LS400? I just acquired the car a couple of weeks ago, but can't seem to figure out how to do this. The manual is not very points out where the fog lights are, but not how to replace the bulbs! (I think I'm relatively intelligent, but now I'm wondering! :lol:)

Thanks for any info!

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In my manual, it shows removing the two phillips screws on the top of the fog light housing, and then the single one on the bottom grill side of the housing. The bottom tire side of the housing does not have a screw, just a post that slides free as you work the housing away from the mounts and the headlight housing. Be carefull, go slow and don't tug and yank to much. The rubber isolation bushings may make it feel like it isn't coming free, but it will eventually work loose.

The wires are short to the bulb and will probably come off as you take the housing out, but won't hurt anything. Take the bulb out by pushing the spring clip (looks like an abused paper clip) and carefully pull out the halogen bulb. Make sure to examine the yellow sleeve that it inside the housing. It may be broken if the lamp isn't yellow but white when turned on. I don't know of a source for the sleeves without contacting Lexus. Remember the bulb is self grounding, it has two prongs, the normal H3-55 or 110 watt bulbs at the auto parts stores usually have only one wire because they ground to the chassis. That will not work on the Lexus. It has to be a two prong H3 style halogen in 55 or 110 watt.

David from Detroit Michigan USA



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