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Rust Under The Hood


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Hello All,

I love my GX 470 but have a problem I'd like to share. A couple of weeks ago I was showing the GX to a friend and we took a look at the engine and noticed rust. This may be hard to explain but the rust was located on the body near the latch where the hood latches to the body. I'll take a picture when I get home.

I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar problem with rust on new vehicles. It's not noticable unless you lift the hood to take a look at the engine. I bought it last July and I only have 6800 miles on it so it's well within warranty. I'm taking it in to have it fixed and also have the "clunk" problem fixed.


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Turns out a metal shard was logged underneath the plastic. I don't know if it flew in on the road or if was left over from the manufacturing process.

They fixed the clunk problem. Took it to Westside Lexus here in Houston for the service. Very professional, pleased so far; I pick it up in a few hours.

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