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Speakers Making Skipping Sounds, Think Its The Head Unit?


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i turn on my radio, cassete and cd player, all of them make the same sound. its like a scratched CD disk that skips every beat. is it my head unit? did i blow a wire or something? i checkd the speakers by concentrating the sound to the front and back and left and right, all is good except the sound is always skipping, can barely make out music...

if it is the head unit, are there any aftermarket decks that fit the sc?

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element4eva, The speakers may be almost blown/disintegrated from heat & sun, this happened to my rear speakers. Perform a test with a small 4ohm working speaker, buy a small inexpensive (signal) speaker at wal-mart . Connect the working speaker to the (+/-) wire connections in the trunk. Hear a clear sound coming from the small speaker your OEM speakers are blown. Click on link below for step needed in replacing rear speakers.


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