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Start-up Problem (delayed Startup)


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hi folks

i bought a used LS430 2001 model from DUBAI, american exported and america specs.

i do not have the owner manual and i need one. i tried to register at the lexsus owner but failed because no address or me in the US. i also tried to reigster at the typta tech info where i can hire dcuments at 10 dollar per day abnd i failed after trying many address.

can some one give me LS430 2001 owner model.

i have also a problem, the car takes long time to start (delay start). i chnaged battery, plus and same problem. i have seen 2 electcian and then are not sure what is the problem is , they gave me options, fuel pump, fuel filter, he thinks starter is okay, but not conclusive and i do not want them to try dismanlt and learn as they go. the dealer in this country (Oman, is my country) does not service or repair the non-gulf specs for stupid reasons. i can travel to next country Dubai but long way and have to leave work few days which is a headache.

any one has experience with this?

can i use the car, despite the long time to start, like 5 cranks before it starts?

can some one give me owner manual?

many thanks

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My 97 takes a few cranks to start. I don't think it's anything to worry about, it sounds like lots of LS's do it. May just be how they start. I also have an Optima yellow top battery and brand new NGK platinum plugs.

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