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In Need Of Help 93 Sc400


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i got a job doing the suspension struts/ shocks, valve cover gasket, tranny flush and timing belt..... i questioned the timing belt cuz i never did one on a lexus.... so i got started taking off the serpentine belt bracket for the tensioner and i started takin off the bracket for the engine fan pulley.... then i got to looking and seemed it would be difficult to do with out and air gun..... i put everything back on... and tried to fire up the car and all it does is shoots air back out of the intake manifold and intake smells like gas...... white smoke...... i am thinking the timing may have jumped when i tried to put it at top dead center....... tdc......... i checked all the spark plugs b/c i did the valve cover gasket at the same time...... i broke two hoses one on the throttle body dat i replaced and one on the front of the intake manifold...... i cant figure out wats wrong since i never removed the timing belt....... any information would be helpful....

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