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Are The 2008 Rims The Same As 2007

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I am waiting on my new IS-350 but have started researching an addition set of rims for winter tires. When I search for Lexus IS-350 rims I can only find retailers that have 06 - 07 rims. Does anybody know if these rims will fit the 08? Since I live in the Cleveland area I was thinking about getting the rims ahead of time so I can start having fun whenever the car arrives.


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For a set of winter tires, I think you would want the smaller 17" rim - you want narrow tires with thick tread blocks for snow traction. It won't handle as well, but duh, they are for the snow.

Thanks I was planning on 17 inch rims - it's difficult to find snow tires bigger than 17 inches.

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The rims are physically the same size but the finish is different (and much nicer looking in many folks opinions) for 08

Well that's good news... My summer wheels will look nice... I'll go with either year in a 17 inch rim for winter - after all it is winter. Thanks for your help.

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