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Problem With Remote Locking After Repair

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I've just got my '93 LS400 back from the garage with a new alternator and timing belt. Drives great but remote locking/unlocking doesn't work anymore. As I only replaced the battery in the key about 7 months ago I was wondering 1. How long does the battery usually last, and 2. Is there any other reason, except for a dead key battery, that remote locking/unlocking won't work? I had to reset the seat memory settings, but the radio settings were OK.

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Sometimes it's the really simple stuff that kills you. Like the time I spent over an hour (swearing and cussing towards the end) looking for the ignition key. Where did I find it? Already in the ignition switch of course! Just quietly sitting there waiting, not saying anything, not helping me out, probably laughing at me. I swear, sometimes mechanical and electrical devices have fun just messin' with our minds!

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