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L.e.d. License Plate Lights

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Hello, I am new to the Forum. I have an 07 AWD 400h,and I am a big fan of L.E.D. technology.Although, I think I found myself alittle bit jelous when I started seeing 08 models like the ES with a soft white light on the license plate. So, through ebay I have found that there are simple L.E.D. replacement bulbs available,and are priced around 10 or 15 bucks.The concern I have is that the auctions that I have seen on E-bay,state applications for the RX300-330, and 350. I guess I want to ask if anyone has made this upgrade and do they have any advice?

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I bought something that was advertised for the 330 and 350 and I figured it would fit my 400h, it didn't, so now if it doesn't specifically state "400h" I ask my dealership. I have always been impressed with the response time and honest advice I get from them so if you have a good dealership, and I can't imagine a "bad" Lexus dealership, ask them. In this case it shoud be perfectly fine. I'd like to do the same thing as you so when you find out, please post OK? Oh, an welcome to out little club! Rey

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