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Check Engine Light


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I have a 93 sc300. When i start my car it almost die's instantly. The only why i can keep it going is if i hit the gas pedal. The check engine light is also showing. I was hoping someone can tell me how to pull codes without a ob1 scan tool.

All you have to do is short out a couple of pins on the data link connector(1- on top of engine [rectanglular]; 2 - front/left floor [round].

Jump E1 with TE1 to get codes.

-With jumper installed; crank engine. you must count the 'CHECK ENGINE' light as it flashes.

-First series= first digit; a short pause. Second series = second digit. then a longer pause.

then; the next code and so on. I think once it goes through the list it repeats.

Jump E1 with TE2 to clear code.

-With jumper installed; crank engine and the 'CHECK ENGINE' light will flash continuosly.

hope it helps.

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Once we have the code, where can we look it up to know what the fix is?

Hi! i have the same problem, mostly in Winter...have your throttle body cleaned...its a cheap effective way to get you idle up a little higher and it wont die as easy.


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