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Misfire And Cel On


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Hi All,

I seem to have a misfire and some erratic behavior. The CEL light is on as well. My car is a 99 RX300, 120K miles.

Code: 1153 - AF/ sensor bank 2 sensor 1

Code: 1354 - VVI Malfunction Bank 2

Code: P0300 - Multiple random misfires

Codes: P0302, P0304. P0306 - Cylinder misfire in cylinders 2, 4 and 6.

Seems like everything points to bank 2.

Before checking the codes, the CEL was erratic, comes on for a while, goes off for a while. The car misfires at idle an sounds erratic when idling. Yesterday I removed the idle control valve and cleaned it, it was a little stuck. Since I had the throttle body out, I replaced the plugs with NGK, only ones I could get.

The car started without any problem, slight higher then normal RPM. I took it for a drive, about 10 miles, I felt a jerk, the CEL came on and I could here a misfire when I stopped at the lights.

Took it to AZ and read the codes today, listed above

When cold, there seems to be no misfire, the idle is smooth. Now when I drive it, it runs ok then cuts back at various rpms and is OK for a mile or less. Kind of jerky behavior. The CEL and trac off light is on. I also feel the brake pedal a little hard like it is not getting sufficient vacuum.

Is it possible the AF sensor is so bad that it is messing with the fuel to the cylinders? Since all the problem is on bank 2.

I replaced the AF sensor at the rear end, the one between the manifold and fire wall about 15K ago when the CEL came on. Except for the CEL the last time there was noticeable difference.

Any advice will be appreciated.



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Update, I think I solved my problem. It was the oil control valve on bank 2. Cost of the CV was $80, too less then 10 minutes. One of the easiest tasks but requires some thinking/troubleshooting.

When I get a chance this weekend, I will write a more detailed analysis is a separate Thread.



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