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I'm A New Owner Of A 95 Sc300


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Hello Club members,

This is my first post so go a little easy on me LOL. Ok so this is my situation I just bought my SC with about 186K Miles on it its a AT and i'm considering doing a 2JZ-GTE USDM manual engine swap. Now the obvious question to ask would be Which is the best engine for an SC... 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ USDM or 2JZ JDM. I understand the 1JZ is very torque happy and is a lighter engine, the USDM 2JZ is apparently the best cause it has steel turbos and lots of durable internal engine parts that could help when tuning or boosting higher than stock. and the 2JZ JDM which has the ceramic turbos which I understand are faster spooling and smaller than the USDM which makes for quicker response but the durability could be a problem if I decide to tune. Which do yall pefer?

Ok my next question is out of the 3 engines I listed which would be better suited for daily driving because at this point I might do the swap and have a nice clean DD for a while and eventually just buy a supra. Im looking for reliability as far as which one requires minimal maintenence with Daily Driving and easily accessable part base.

Ok and last question is difficulty of performing the swaps... Which swap would be the most difficult to perform with a mechanic and myself. I have access to a full garage and have all the tools I need to perform the swap. Does anyone have any tips or sites or even guides I can buy that could assist with any of the swaps? Because I had a few questions regarding:


* General cost and availibility concerns with the parts for the engine incase I need to replace the parts.

* Should I replace the ceramic turbos or keep the stock ones.

* Could this engine pass SMOG texting equipment with minimal modification seeing as its a JDM engine?


* Could I keep the bottom end of the Stock 2JZ-GE and just get a TT Short block and install it?

* What are my transmission options and which do you pefer... 6 Speed Getrag or 5 Speed?

* Is turboing the stock GE as reliable as everyone says it is and could it be possible to just switch and swap the TT from a GTE to a GE considering the engine is so similar.


* Is it really worth it to perform this swap and is it difficult to do this swap considering one engine is LHD and the other is RHD?

* Could this engine pass SMOG texting equipment with minimal modification seeing as its a JDM engine?

* Is there anyway to keep this engine street legal?

* Would the ceramic TTs be a problem in a dry and hot atmosphere such as a desert?

Thank you for all of your help in advance! and I hope after all this I can be of some help also...

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well i have a 1JZ in my soarer and love it but i want to put a JDM 2jz in just because its newer and more power

I see Johnny... So do you have any numbers on what kind of power your car puts out? Im interested to know... Do you use your SC for daily driving and if so what kinds of mods do you have in it? Also do you swap out your parts with 2JZ parts or do you get all of your parts JDM from a distributor?

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I have had my 95 SC300 for about 6 months. It started as a 5sd. I swapped a JDM Aristo with twin ceramic turbos. It pushed about 375hp. I wanted a little more so, I upgraded the injectors to US. specs (550cc) and replaced the twins with a single 71 mm turbo and boost control. (I still have the Japanese twins if anyone needs em). This is my weekend ride but I like long weekends. The car runs strong with no real issues. I had to upgrade the exhaust to offset backpressure turbo lag. Now I run 400hp on pump (93) at about 25-29 psi boost. When I add a couple to three gallons of the good stuff, and turn up the boost (35 - 40) she runs 450+. I LIKE IT!!!

More power than I can keep hooked up. Now I am looking to upgrade the single track rearend.

If you have the choice I would go with the 6spd. The 5spd and factory rear is pretty low geared. It runs around 3000rpm at 70mph in 5th. It would be nice to drop down to 2000 or so with a higher overdrive... You will also have to figure in a cooler. I am using the factory JDM off the Aristo but have been told another 25 - 50 hp can be gotten with a larger innercooler.

Good luck

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