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Instrument Cluster Needles

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I know this common problem with these cars. Doing research on a lot of previous posts about the subject. I found it only takes a couple of dollars in capacitors and some soldering skills. This is a shot in the dark but is there anyone in the Denver, Co. area that does this for extra money.

I'm going to email Jim Walker at jimlwalker@sbcglobel.net. I heard he has the instructions on the procedure.

But before a laymen (me) dives into this ambitious task. I thought I would see if there is anyone in Denver (or within 30 miles) that can do this.

Saving me an unknown amount of time and heartache.



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Tommy, save yourself a lot of trouble and heartache. I can take car of this problem for you for not much money and it only takes 1 day. I ship it back the next morning. Over the many years that I've been doing these repairs, I have found a LOT of other problems. It's no longer a matter of changing a few caps here and there. There are a lot of different problems that these cluster can have. I can fix anything that can and do go wrong with your instrument cluster.

Thanks to all the people I have helped over the years that found me through the Lexus Owners Club, I have built a successful business. I have not expanded beyond the repair of Lexus LS400 Instrument Clusters and Climate Control units. That is ALL I work on and I've got to admitt, I'm very good at what I do. Just look at all the posts on the Lexus Owners Club of all the customers that have good things to say about my work and my honesty.

I appreciate all of you and the Lexus Owners Club for making this possible for me. I plan to keep doing this for as long as there is a demand for my fast, reasonable, honest, and thorough service for you.

Call or eMail me if you need real professional repairs and updates for you LS400 problems for a real engineer.

Jim Walker



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That sounds good!!

So how much are we talking about with shiping and all that?

I hope not as much as Lextech $100 not including shipping.

So send me the info and we'll take it from there.

That's cool that you started doing this for people. It' seems everyone has this proplem at one time or another.



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