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17x9's All Around... 1991 Ls400


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Well I had these laying around and thought they might look good on the LS.. They dont rub. But they are sticking out about 1/4 inch... Are there any flares for these cars??

I am ordering some Eibach springs to drop it a little, as it looks like a 4x4...



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Looks slick! I must admit i'm a sucker for a nice 5 spoke! :wub: The Tanabe DF210's lower almost 2 inches and still have a very comfortable ride. ALMOST OEM quality. I know on my old 91 LS400 with my 20"s they barely sacrificed any ride quality. Still an amazingly silky ride. Unless you want the stiffer/sportier feel of the Eibachs. Either way I think it will be golden! :lol:

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Looks added on - hard to tell. Personally, don't like the effect. Has an unbalanced feel because it's different from the front. Imo, front and back should compliment each other. Same thing with air dams, skirts and spoilers. Good looking mods should have an integrated and unified design that gives an overall effect without bringing attention to any one part of the car, as if it came out of the factory looking like that. I like the classic, smooth, and streamlined flanks of the original, and I would work within that design. But everyone to their own taste. Like the rims though. Lowered, sure gives the car a different attitude.

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Nice rims. Dropping it would finish the look, too bad about the offset. I don't know if flared arches would look as good as the original? From your pics, it looks like you could go fatter with the rubber.
I am running 245/45/17.... They are pretty wide..

I have the Cobra R's on another car and I am running 275/40/17 and they work great.

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