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"luxury Motors"

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I have no Lexus dealer in my market.

Questions on the best way to acquire a vehicle:

Any suggestions on how to shop when you don't have a local dealer? The local Toyota handles service. When we bought our 400h some friends went back to Minneapolis to see their Lexus salesman son, and drove back my vehicle. No after sale service, no break on the price, so I feel free to shop on price, delivery terms.

Do Lexus dealers have much freedom to compete on price?

Has anyone ever dealt with "Luxury Motors"? They seem to have dealerships in Vegas, Chicago, and a few other places. The have a decent selection of "almost new" (2000 miles or so) as well as lease returns. I haven't done the math yet, on how much less than new they are.

I usually am well under 12k miles per year (although that could change with 2008 LS 460). I've never leased. Any opinions on lease vs purchase?

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