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Instrument Cluster


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Okay - Just got a '93 Lexus LS400 thru a trade for an '87 El Camino a few weeks ago.

And now I need some advice.

I come to find out that the instrument cluster is bad. Very much the same as I have read on this forum. The backlight is out, the tach and speedo needles are not lite and are broken off. At first, some of the lights would come on when cold morning or night, but then would flicker for a bit and then dissappear as the car warmed up or I drove a bit. The gas gauge seemed to have a twitch at times, and jump above the (E) but would eventually remain below the (E).

I searched this forum and read that there were a few who could repair my cluster and one of which (Lexustech) was only 20 minutes from my house. So I brought the unit to him and he took a look at it and confirmed what I had found. The bad news was, that he could not repair it as he said the gas gauge was severly damaged and the needles broken. He felt I should buy a rebuilt unit that he had.

Well I took my old unit home ( unrpaired ) and re-installed it. Guess what ? The gas gauge moved above the (E) rested at 3/4 full and then eventually moved to Full after a while. Yes I have full tank of gas. The same lack of lighting remained but they have not yet flickered. Could I have reset something when disconnecting the battery and unplugging/plugging the terminals of the cluster in ? Can this cluster be repaired at a reasonable price and who can do this ? And what is a reasonable price.

I have read about Jim Walker, Mr Wizard, LexusTech and Mikadotech.

Any Thoughts ?????

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I had my cluster redone by Jim Walker, and was disappointed in that the outside temperature gauge still does not work.

Anyway, what I noticed when the cluster was failing (mainly the gas gauge) was that the gauges were affected by the ambient temperature. Here in Vegas, it gets quite nippy in the winter, and that's when the gauges performed the worst. Maybe you need to wait for the warmer temps (yes, Cal is a little milder), and see if they continue to perform well. According to Murphy's Law, they will only get worse. Best of luck.

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I think there's a hot sticky of this here, and at clublexus.com ;) look at you pimpin both forums! haha!

Hey - It looks as if I ain't the only one. Heh, Heh, Heh !!!

No money changed hands in the trade, only cars - I was wanting $3k for the Elco and wasn't even seeking a trade for another car until this guy offered the Lexus.

Both Forums - Yep - Got to find the right answer where ever I can

Thanks TexasLexus94 for the info. I will continue to monitor.

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