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Squeeky Noise While Turning The Steering


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Whenever I am turing my 1999 ES300 steering, I hear a squeaky noise. Dont know what that sound is. Has anyone faced similar noise. Its very annoying noise. How do you recommend me to get it fixed.

I have a 1990 ls400 anit just start to squeek on driver side front .Replaced lower ball joint it is gd as new now ...Ps if you replace one you shuld replace the other total fix about 200 do ityour sf

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I have a 1999 ES300 and it has been squeeking for some time now. It is mostly at very low speeds and stopped, so if it's the same for you, here's what I found out...My relatively new mechanic told me that everytime you change the oil in this car and the Camry (same year range) you're supposed to grease the steering per manufacturer (not a mechanic, so not exactly sure where). Some mechanics don't do that and it gets to a point where it is tough to completely eliminate without replacing the steering. He greases mine now and it gets much better for a few thousand miles and then slowly gets louder. I can live with it, because I only hear it at very low speeds, but if your mechanic doesn't grease where they are told to by the manufactruer, it's only going to get worse. Hope this helps.


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