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Review Of The Is-f

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You know, I hate it when the media, and the critics try to play "people represent". And when they try to pass off opinion as facts.

To be completely honest, before I went on the test drive, I was very scheptical. I didn't really know alot about the car other than the rumors and hear say all over the websites. So, here's a review from someone who was driven one, and also driven it harder than 98% of the people who will buy it, will ever drive it. Not that it means I am the end all, it's still just an opinion.

Using the scale of 1-10:

Engine power and torque, I would say was about a 7. For it being a V8, and allways looking up the ladder of design and class, I think they could still have gone a bit further with the amount of hp and tq, while still keeping it civilized. The engine did have a wide power band, and pulled well enouph even at low rpm's, but you can definatley tell the difference once the needle passes the 4000 rpm mark.

Transmission: I would give it a 9. This would be a 10 if it wasn't for the shift paddles location. On a formula 1 car, the steering radius is like 35 degrees lock to lock. so if your hands are at 10 and 2, they would max turn at 1 and 5. But on a real car like we have to drive, the steering wheel turns all the way around. So when your going into a steep corner and you need to downshift with the shifter paddles, they are upside down and your arms are crossed ove each other, or you have repositioned your hands to allow the turn of the steering wheel, and now have to look down to locate the paddle. So I think they will need to improve that layout.

But, the shift quality is impeccable! and spot on!! Hard down shifts are met with a quick auto rev match to move the gear into place smoothly. Upshifting is just as quick and even though it's an 8 speed, the gears seemed tall and easily able to keep the motor in it's most powerful rev area.

Steering and suspension: This is one area that I think is very debatable and subjective. So I would just like to point the things I liked first. Body roll was well handled. I was actually very surprised at how well the car stayed parallel. For as big as the car "feel", (not that it feels like a caddy, but it definatley feels bigger than my IS 300), It stayed well mannered even on the rougher part of the course, and never felt harsh or stiff. Now with that said, of course you can't have "well mannered" and great road feel. You have to trade off. And as a Lexus, of course the luxury prevailed.

Looks: I give it a 7, almost 8. the rims are awsome though. The body flares I think are bit too much. But again, not by a whole lot. I love the stacked exhuast, even though they aren't fully connected and functional. the sound is amazing!!! when your civil, so is the sound, quiet and no intrusive. But when you get on it, it opens up, but even then isn't loud, it just grunts!

Interior: Come on, it's a Lexus. 9.5

Fit and finish: See above

the main thing I think everyone just needs to remember is that this is a luxury car, that now, doesn't have to bow down to anyone. It's not a narrow focused car like vettes, and GTR's, but it definately reels in the AMG's, BMW's, and Audi's.

So, like in that article Lexusfreak posted, I wonder how they would review the S6, that stickers for 85K. ( Note the HP and performance more closely matches the ISF and wheelbase along with 4 doors.) And what they say about the BMW 5 series, that again is 70K and up. Which, again, in my opinion, the ISF looks way nicer than the BMW's new "evolution".

Did I leave anything out?

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You know, I hate it when the media, and the critics try to play "people represent". And when they try to pass off opinion as facts.

Actually.....calling these guys 'media' is being too kind lol. ;)

I'm not sure how many of the automakers actually banned them from letting their fleet of vehicles being test driven by these folks. They gave them a hell of a time to issue them 'press passes' at the recent Detroit auto show too.


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