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Aftermarket Backup Sensor


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They have Bluetooth backup camera systems frequently on sale at Pep Boys for $80, after rebate. Simply put the camera part on the license plate frame and wire it into the backup light power wire. The Display is a little LCD screen, you can mount it in the car, that also needs power. A simple alternative that works for me with my truck, simply tuck it in the console and plug the display into a lighter power point when needed. I had an infrared system on my truck that simply beeped, but replaced it with the camera after I got used to the camera with the nav in the LS 430.

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Can anyone guide me to a good aftermarket backup sensor kit for my 2003 LS430? I might be able to install myself but am not opposed to having it done. Thanks for any help you can give.


Do you have a nav?

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Thanks for the help on this and sorry it took me so long to get back. I don't have the nav system and the camera would be nice but I really think all I need is some knid of beeper to let me know I'm close when backing up. Maybe the "horn" could be mounted on the rear shelf? Do you know of any good sysytems for that?

Thanks again!

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