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Clogged Windshield Washer Nozzle


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I have a 91 Lexus LS400. Both windshield cleaning nozzles on the hood got completely clogged. I tried using a needle to clear. No help. I then opened the hood and disconnected the supply line near the driver’s side hinge. I used compressed air to bow into the line. No help. I then used the compressed air to blow into the nozzles. Well the driver’s side nozzle is now flowing fine, but the passenger side is still totally clogged. I know of I can get to the back side of the nozzle I can pull the line to it and clear it. But how do you get to it????

I saw the oval rubber plug inside the hood. I pulled that and you can see the bottom of the nozzle, and the hose. I could get a screw driver in there, and force the line off. But I would never get the line back on.

How can I pull the nozzle off, or get to the darn line in a way that I can pull it and put it back on?

Thank you.

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my washer hose on my 91 LS was completely disconnected and it just filled my hood blanket with flid when I used it... I am nt sure the proper way, but I grabbed the hoodblanketing at the spot I needed to (in my case it was at the junction by the drivers nozzle), and I pulled with an upward motion (towards the grill). I damaged the blanket a bit, but didn;t rip the outside of it, just some damage inside where the blanketing attaches to it's attachment point. I recommend gloves, my hands got itchy from the insulation when I did this. Once it is opened a biut, you can get your hands over the lip of the hood and push the hose back on, but it still won;t be easy, at all.

Best of luck!

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