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Brakes Squeaking


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Hey everyone! Newbie here...and a girl, so be nice. :rolleyes: I've got an 05 and at last service (about 2 months ago if that) I was told my brakes were still good at 80%. But about 2 weeks or so later they started squeaking whenever I apply the brakes. I haven't taken it back, obviously. I did call however and the dude said something like they probably need adjusting and to bring it back in.:cries: Well I suppose, but did they not need adjustment 2 weeks prior? :chairshot: What should I do?

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Hey, welcome to the LOC!!

They probably didn't adjust them, as at 80% it should have only been neccassary to inspect them. But they probably did pull the calipers off to inspect them. Sometimes the slight shift, or movement of the calipers can cause some extra brake dust to gather and that's where the squeeking or brake squeal is coming from. Before going thru the hassle of going back down there, Just stop at an auto parts store and buy some brake cleaner. It should only cost about 3 bucks. Spray it inside the calpers along where the brake pads are. Really get in there with the little red spray hose. Do all 4 while your there. Give it a minute to dry. Maybe hit it with the garden hose to remove some of the brake residue. You should be good to go.

If you still have an issue after that, then that means you have some brake pad glazing. The only way to get rid of that then is to pull the calipers out and rescuff them using some heavy grit sandpaper or a file. But if your not comfortable doing that, then I would just take it in and let them do it for you. Even though the brakes aren't part of the warrentee, they may just cover it for you.

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