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Fog Light Re-wire


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Ok so me and my buddy are going to do this quick re-wire to the fog lights on his 01 Maxima so the fogs can come on with just the parking lights, instead of the headlights HAVING to be on as well. I would really love to do this to my car too!!!!

Here is the link

Do you think the wires would be the same? Or would the relay setup be quite different in the LS?

I don't mean to sound like an idiot if this is impossibly different on an LS :blushing: but I would just love to do this!!!!!

Thanks for ANY info! :rolleyes:

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Maybe I answered my own question..I was told before it was difficult but this may just be a project better left undone! :rolleyes:

On my '92 LS I removed the fog light relay and modified it internally to accomplish that. Too long ago for me to remember the detail.

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Ok well I can see no one really cares about this.. so i'm going to do it! and then i'll be cooler than all of you!:)

And I'm quite sure that every one of those other two people out in Sequim will take notice.

I rewired my fog lights for practical reasons, not to be "cool".

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