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January Rx350 Deals In The Midwest, What Have You Seen?

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Hi all,

I live in Southern WI and am trying to find the best deal on a new RX350. Best deal thus far is Invoice. I've seen others in other forums getting as much as $1,500 BELOW invoice. This was California though. Any one get a great deal in the Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago area recently... or anywhere in the Midwest?

Thanks much in advance!

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Then we bought our 07 in 9/06, there weren't many to choose from. The sales guy was excited about a new factory incentive where they got 1.5 new cars to sell for every one sold (instead of 1:1).

When I was in for service this summer, the lot and showroom were stuffed. Plus I wasn't happy with the low used car prices. My reasoning was that while I was overpaying for a car, the depreciation was low.

(In the mid 90's, I was a minor manager at a Lincoln dealer. I liked the looks of the sporty Mk9 models (Mk8?), was making good money, and thought I might get one. They ran in the low $40k's. One day, while flipping thru the paper, I noticed ads for these cars that were a year old - and they were going for $20k!!! What kind of idiot would sign up for that kind of a hit?)

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