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Rx 300 Oil Pan Engine Gasket Leaking


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Hi guys,

I brought my Lexus (110k miles, out of 100k warranty) to the Lexus dealer, as i found a burnt smell from the car.

They said there is a slight oil pan gasket leak and recommended changing that.

My questions are :

1. They quoted $400 for oil pan gasket replacement job

2. I also have to get the timing belt replaced. Lexus quoted for $900.

Are these quotes fair or a rip ?

3. If i get these both done, is there an overlap of labor that could be saved ? or these are two different jobs that need its own labor time.

4. does these jobs need a Lexus skilled labor ? or they can be done with any other car mechanics ?

Any recommendations ? how i can optimize the spending amount ?



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Some of us get the work done at a toyota dealership (timing belt) for half the price. As for the oil pan I would assume they can do that too. An independent garage should be able to do the job as well. But I would only go to a trusted one or one that does Toyotas.

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