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Where To Buy Hid Conversion Kit For H7 Bulbs?


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I have been wanting to convert my lights to HID. I see the conversion kits go from $150 - 350. Any suggestions where to buy cheaper kits? Don't really want to spend too much $$$. Prefer less than $75. Don't know if eBay stuff can be trusted.

unless you have the proper housings, do not add them like most. It is illegal and will blind oncoming drivers.

For <$300 you are getting junk kits.

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hsg ?

where to check?

hsg=headlight housings=reflector or projector

I just ordered an HID kit from for $250 - regular price $499

I wouldn't trust anything on ebay. You never know what you're getting and what do you do if there is a problem? Probably kiss your $$$ good-bye... :cries:

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I have bulb sits in a somewhat capsule shape shell=reflector

How to change to projector.

Which year has projector and it will fit in my car.


97 to 99 have halogen and HIDS will perform like $%%&. I know, I tried. You need projectors and you can retro the lights for like $350

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