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Wiper Blades


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I have a 2000 ES300... can you only purchase oem blades or inserts thru the dealer?... scoured the internet and could not find any sources for oems. Can you buy just the insert at the dealer or do you need to buy the whole blade?

Is looking for Camry blades or inserts a viable option?

Ken Kay

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Yep, go to the stealership and get just the rubbers. Easy to replace and cheap.

Go to the Toyota stealer and save some money. They stock them.

Toyotas are not the same. I've tried them and I can absolutely tell the difference between the blades the Lexus dealer sells and the blades Toyota sells.

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Oh of course. Everything made for the Lexus is made by Toyota, but the individual blades are very different. All Bosch blades aren't the same, all Trico blades aren't the same. I've used both, and the blades from Lexus wipe cleaner, operate more quietly, and last longer.

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