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Very Slightly Damaged Rear B Pillar Plastic Cap

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When tinting my windows, the installer damaged (almost unnoticeable unless you look close) the rear right B pillar black shiny plastic piece forward of the window glass (with the heat gun...).

The installer already deducted from the price I paid the cost of a new piece which is $40+ and told me that he will remove the old one and install the new one at no cost. I am uncomfortable with him changing that unless it is really easy. Do you know how easy it really is? He says that the old one snaps out and the new one snaps in. True?

Thanks for your advice. I am seriously planning on not replacing it as it is really very minor damage.

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The same thing happened to me when I had my tint put on my 06 IS250. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed it if he didn't bring it to my attention. You were right, it did look like very minor damage...but damage is damage, was a brand new car. Fortunately, the installer was an honest guy and apologized and told me that he will order the replacements and put them in for me at no charge. When he called me back in when they were delivered, it only took a matter of minutes to install. So I assumed the process was realatively easy. Not sure if this helps, but I wanted to let you know my experience with this same situation.

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