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Hi there..I'm new to this site and have recently purchased my first V8 Sorer..This is my first car since 1988 that has cost me less then $10K. I recently owned BMW 525 M, Porsche 911 and Audi TT Q. I must say, I'm just so impressed with this car. I wanted something cheap (due to my many travels) and classy to get me from A to B, but I have never really considered a cheap Japanese import. When I first drove this car I instantly liked it. (I owned over 30 cars in my time). I have driven this car up to Brisbane (I live in Sydney) to fit a new Body kit I bought on Ebay..My Advice is stay away from cheap imitations Ebay body kits. If you have an eye for detail and you don’t want gaps and badly fitting moulds don’t look at seller rating, as this DOES NOT tell you how the job looked and fitted and $$ at the end.. I'm lucky I have a good fibreglass guy working on the car, because the kit was just a mess..If I get some time, I will post pics later.

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don't buy it i've already lost 1200 bucks for a bodykit and TSII hood that im supposed to get but they closed down their account and took off with the money. don't buy on ebay. you can't trust most of the ppl on ebay anyways. the guy i that did that to me was a big power seller too.

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