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Anti-freez, What Kind?


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If you have original pink fluid then... NO NO NO! Toyota uses SLLC or Super Long Life Coolant. It is pink in color. Different coolants that mix can gel up, some can mix to form corrosive chemicals that will eat your system. There are coolants that say they mix with all others, but don't mix anything with toyota coolant. By the way, all lexus parts are toyota parts, I always refer to parts as TOYOTA!


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There are many universal coolants now a days . based on oats organic material. Colour is just a dye.

Save some head ache and read the facts in your owners manual on what goes in yours.

Not sure if toyota used pink in 2000 as i thought is was about 03

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Up to the 2001 MY, Lexus/Toyota used the red 'Toyota long life' coolant......2002 - 2006 used Pink 'Toyota Super Long Life' coolant (not sure what the 2007+ use if I am honest). When I had my 2001 ES, I was told to use nothing but the OE red stuff which I did....never had any trouble (even though I looked into several different types of coolants....including Dex-Cool).

I would suggest to have your system flushed again using OE coolant......just to be safe.

btw....I asked a few Lexus tech's at the time if I could use the SLLC (pink) in place of the LLC.......all answers were the


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From what i understand long life is the same as the red it is just a life and dye change.

If the car came with pink then it has a problem using the older fluids .

So if i wanted to switch out to long life i could with no problem on any of mine.

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