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2000 LX 470

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Hello all. Am a new owner of a 2000 LX 470. Very nice truck. Has 129K miles, and drives like a dream. Bought it from the boss, who already had the transmission work done that's normally required around this point in time ($4500 or $5400--can't recall, but it was insanely expensive for some reason). As soon as I purchased it last week, I had timing belt/water pump/etc done, as well as spark plugs, and the system flushed to removed carbon deposits, etc (all of this work totalled about $950). That should have me in good shape under the hood. I ordered a new antenna mast off of ebay, but when I removed the old one, it unfortunately left most of the nylon cord in the motor. I talked to my mechanic, and after he explained what was necessary to access the motor, I'll just let them do it ($140 or less).

Last major item is the radio. I did a lot of research on the Nakamichi 6 disc problem off ERR3 and it not ejecting discs. I found a company on ebay in Texas that refurbishes them, and assured me that it will not be a frequent repair, that after they are done with it, it should be good for sometime, and they warranty for 6 months. Was going to go with aftermarket touch screen, etc, but that was pretty pricey compared to $210 including shipping both ways. They also said they normally only keep them a day or so. If you need information, let me know.

A few questions:

Has anyone been successful removing the 2nd seat cupholder that's in the back of the front center console? Doesn't slide smoothly, so want to remove, clean, lube, etc, and see if I need other parts.

The butterfly clip in the front cupholder is also 50% broken, but at least one side still functions properly. Help replacing that would be great.

Lastly, on the right jump seat in the back, the cable came away from the plastic handle that releases the inside/left side anchors so you can swing the seat up. Currently, I use needle nose pliers to pull a lead ball on the end of a cable, but would love any insight here.

Thanks in advance guys, and will contribute as I can.



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