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Audio Volume Level Problem

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Hi folks,

I have a volume level problem with my CD/tape/radio, the standard issue (non-Mark Levinson) one.

When I play CDs or tapes (spoken or music), I have to turn the volume way up.

If I then switch to the radio (AM or FM), I have to remember to turn the volume way down before

switching - otherwise the radio is unbearably loud.

The Lexus dealer says nothing can be done.

Any ideas about this? I've searched all of the forums for advice, but can't find anything.


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I just traded my '06 GS 300 (non-ML audio system w/o SAT or AUX) for the new '08 GS 350 (non-ML audio, w/ SAT & AUX). The FM and CD audio levels are a little lower than they were in the '06, but still good; however, the SAT and AUX audio levels are very low compared to FM and CD. Anyone know if the SAT and/or AUX levels can be adjusted?

I've seen posts about there being level adjustments on memory buttons 5 & 6 in the SAT3 mode. Has this been removed in the '08 or is there a procedure to activate these settings?

Any information or feedback on this would be appreciated.

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Bump! I just bought a 2007 gx470 with Mark Levinson. Everything sounds good except my phone through the aux input. I've tried two different cables. It sounded GREAT in my recent BMW but the volume of the aux on the Mark Levinson is way down. Like down to the point of little or no enjoyment compared to FM radio.

I have my phone volume all the way up and I am quite an audiophile so I do know what I'm talking about here.

Any fixes? I've been through all the menu's and my bass/treble and DSP/surround modes are all normal. I have to turn the volume to "Max" to get only reasonable output.

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