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Gs430 Gauge Cluster

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i just sold my 93 es300 that i have had for 6 years and now i have a 2001 gs430 with 85430 miles on it, mark levinson stereo/nav package (soon to be removed and replace with a diamond audio system) seems like the speedometer is a little darker than the other 2 gauges! is there a way to replace the bulbs behind the cluster to brighten them up? if so i'll just do all 3 at once! this is my first post so please help me out



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if its just alittle darker, i wouldnt bother unless your good with electronics. (theres a knob to brighten the lights on the left of the wheel)

my dash is brighter during the day(or when the car is well lit inside), but when it gets dark, the gauges also dim. i assume this is so that it doesnt strain my eyes in the dark. (i've noticed this when i enter tunnels)

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Share on other sites its not to much darker just a little noticeable! i know there is a knob on the left (ty though) it doesn't really help though! also noticed my fm button and tape eject no longer even brighten up! guess old owner used them a lot and wore them out?????????? i havent noticed mine being any darker/brighter during the day compared to at night but i didnt notice i will keep a look out! ty


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