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Don't Buy Gates Tck 257 Timing Belt Kit!


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I bought the Gates TCK257 kit from RockAuto for $86.89 which includes the T257 timing belt plus two idler pulleys. RockAuto sells the T257 belt separately for $18.29 meaning I paid $68.60 for the two idler pulleys.

The "Gates" idler pulleys were made in Korea using GMB bearings. RockAuto sells the Dayco kit 84063 which inlcudes both idler pulleys w/o belt for only $44.89. The "Dayco" pulleys are identical to those in the Gates kit (GMB bearings).

Better yet, I just discovered RockAuto sells Koyo idler pulleys which are identical to those installed at the factory. Unlike Gates and Dayco, the Koyo pulleys can be purchased separately for $15.72 and $23.79 or $39.51 total.

So why pay $68.60 (Gates) or $44.89 (Dayco) for GMB idler pulleys when you can get factory original Koyo's for only $39.51?

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Did you tackle the cam belt and pulley change yourself? How would you rate this task for level of difficulty and frustration level, special tools needed, etc.?

This job is easy if you have some experience working on cars. I would say no more difficult than changing brakes. I did have to make a tool to hold the crankcase pulley when I reassembled...crankshaft bolt takes 159 ft-lbs. Also, couldn't budge crankcase bolt with my impact wrench so I taped a breaker bar tight against the frame and turned the engine over BRIEFLY to break loose. I was able to compress the hydraulic tensioner piston on my bench vise.

The 12mm top bolt on the PS pump is tricky to get to. I shortened (ground) a 12mm socket to get it to the right length and had no problem.

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